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Friends of the Arts promotes communication, education, economic development, arts, culture and collaboration in Butte County. Events are hosted throughout the year where community members have the chance to enjoy silent films, make sculptural horses, attend a jazz festival and more! Large community events and campaigns include Artoberfest, Chico Palio, the Oroville Salmon Festival, the Silent Film Festival and the Nor-Cal Jazz Festival.



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Silent Film Festival Program Details

The following films are provided to The Annual Chico Silent Film Festival thanks to the generosity of the late David Shepard of Film Preservation Associates. It is thanks to his life-long passion for the genre that the Silent Film Festival is made possible.


All programs presented from real film, with live music by virtuoso pianist Frederick Hodges




THE ADVENTURER (1917, Mutual)

Starring Charlie Chaplin. Charlie escapes from prison. After rescuing a girl and her mother from drowning, Charlie is invited to their home where a big party is held and he is treated like a hero. However, as a result Charlie's photo is printed in the newspapers and the prison guards come after him.  20 minutes

BE REASONABLE (1921, Mack Sennett)

Starring Billy Bevan. A woman wakes up to find a man in her house rummaging through her belongings which sparks a manic police chase across the town. 20 minutes. 

HIS WOODEN WEDDING (1925, Hal Roach)

Starring Charlie Chase. A few moments before Charley is going to marry, a "friend", who is jealous, gives him an anonymous note, stating that the bride has a wooden leg. Charley cancels the wedding, but agrees to leave her his very expensive engagement ring. His "friend" sees his chance to get the ring and tells her otherwise. But when he tries to hide the ring in his top hat, Charley finds out that he has mistakenly taken the wrong hat - the ring is in Charley's hat. And he decides to go on a cruise. The bride, who has found out the reason for Charley's change of mind follows them on her father's yacht. 20 minutes 

LIBERTY (1929, Hal Roach)

Starring Laurel and Hardy. Two escaped convicts (Laurel & Hardy) change clothes in the getaway car, but wind up wearing each other's pants. The rest of the film involves their trying to exchange pants, in alleys, in cabs and finally high above the street on the girders of a construction site. 20 minutes.



THE KID REPORTER (1923, Century Films)

Starring Baby Peggy. The 'secretary' of a busy newspaperman is revealed to be a loveable small child, Baby Peggy. When a rich woman's pearl necklace is stolen, Baby Peggy's employer promises to make the reporter who cracks the case Editor-in-Chief. The little girl seizes the opportunity, and -- several disguises and chases later, with the grudging aid of the office-boy -- duly returns with the jewels to achieve promotion, with all the adults scurrying to serve her. 20 minutes.

THE NIGHT CRY (1926, Warner Bros.)

Starring Rin Tin Tin. Ewart Adamson (1881-1945), born in Dundee, Scotland, adapted a book to the screen. Although at the time the story of a Nevada Sheep Rancher was said to true, it was later found to be fiction. Rin Tin Tin, of course, was the chief attraction of the movie, but he was certainly ably supported by all the human players -- and by another non-human player whose presence motivated the heart-stopping scene for which this film unique. 70 minutes


7:30 PM

THE BEST MAN (1928, Mack Sennett)

Starring Billy Bevan. A bride and groom are all set to get married, but they can't until the best man shows up. When the best man eventually does show up, he causes a few problems since he ran through some tar just before entering the church. The groom doesn't seem to mind too much, just as long as the best man brought the ring, which he did. But as the wedding proceeds, that sticky tar just can't help but get the best man into one disastrous incident after another, including with the ring.  20 minutes

IT  (1927, Famous Players – Lasky)

Starring Clara Bow. Shopgirl Betty Lou has designs on Cyrus Waltham, the handsome owner of the department store where she works. Waltham, though, doesn't even know Betty Lou is around. In hopes of attracting Waltham's attention, she accepts a date with his best friend, Monty, under the condition that they dine at the Ritz, where Waltham also has a dinner date that evening. Her plan works and in no time at all she and Waltham are contemplating marriage. The romance cools when a newspaper reporter mistakenly writes a story depicting Betty Lou as an unwed mother.  72 Minutes.






Starring Helen Holmes. Rand, a vengeful discharged fireman, tampers with the airbrakes of a large freight locomotive making them useless on the long descent from the summit of Pine Hill to Lone Point the following day. Learning of the impending peril, Helen dashes to a water tower under which the train must pass, climbs out on the spout, leaps onto the roof of one of the cars, and warns the engineer in time. 15 minutes

 THE GENERAL (1926, Buster Keaton Productions)

Starring Buster Keaton. The two things engineer Johnny Gray (Buster Keaton) loves most in the world are his Southern belle sweetheart and his locomotive. When Northern spies steal the latter, the intrepid Confederate single-handedly takes on the entire Union army in order to get it back. Against a backdrop of magnificently photographed Civil War battle scenes unfolds one of the great chases in movie history. Set almost entirely aboard moving trains, Keaton's THE GENERAL is physical comedy refined to elegant perfection and widely considered to be the actor-director's greatest film. 70 minutes


3 PM


Starring Helen Holmes. Helen is captured by two burglars who throw her into a refrigerator car; finding a meat hook, she chops her way into the ice chamber and reaches the top of the train in time to avert a collision of two trains. 15 minutes

CAPTAIN JANUARY (1924, Sol Lesser Productions)

Starring Baby Peggy.  A lighthouse keeper finds a little girl who is washed ashore tied to some wreckage. He adopts her and they become inseparable. Eventually her real family finds her and tries to take her away. 70 minutes

5 PM


Starring Helen Gibson. Two crooks accidently release the brakes on a sleeping car containing the Governor's daughter. The car races down the track soon to meet up with a locomotive coming in the opposite direction. Helen must find a way to stop the two from colliding. 15 Minutes.

STEAMBOAT BILL, JR. (1928, Buster Keaton Productions)

Starring Buster Keaton. Following through on a promise to his mother, William Canning Jr. goes to River Junction to meet his father who has not seen him since he was a child. The younger Canning isn't quite what the elder was expecting but the old man has bigger problems. He's being put out of business by J.J. King, who not only owns the local hotel and bank, but has recently introduced a new paddle wheel steamer that puts Cannings older boat, the Stonewall Jackson, to shame. Bill Jr. and Kitty King take a liking to each other much to the dismay of both of their fathers.


All programs feature outstanding live music performed by Frederick Hodges


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